At DAT-Corp, conforming to your requirements is our primary objective. Product realization, from quote to delivery, is managed through a process driven operation. Utilizing customer documentation and industry standards, a quality plan is developed to provide a high degree of assurance that our product will meet your needs.

Efficiency and continuous improvement are integral parts of the process. Pre- and post-production reviews drive our internal performance assessments. These tools allow us to continuously refine our operation, by helping us to identify sources of unacceptable variation. Factors influencing this variation are systemically identified and addressed.

The result is a company that continuously produces high quality, and highly reliable products at very competitive prices. You will place your purchase orders with confidence knowing there is a process driven operation behind the manufacturing of your products.

ISO 9001:2008

Our highly-trained work force has NO LOST TIME INJURIES.

We take pride in our work. No lost time injuries. unit testing